What is a Web Book?

A Web Book is an interactive online version of the Student Book in an easy-to-navigate format. You can use the links in the table of contents to jump to a specific unit or lesson.

The Web Books for Grades 8 and 9 are enhanced with animations that illustrate key concepts and virtual manipulatives that allow students to explore the concepts. To access these applets, you will need the Flash Player 9 (or higher) browser plugin. To access some of the Grade 8 applets, you will also need to have Shockwave installed on your computer. Other grades will be updated with enhanced content in the future.

How do I access Web Books?


Ask your teacher for your Login name/user ID and Password.


Access to Web Books must be purchased by the school. Teachers can buy access for their students by calling 1-800-361-6128 ext 7816 or by emailing Customer Service at schoolaccesscodes@pearsoncanada.com. Once access has been purchased, teachers will receive a set of bookmarks that look like this:


Teachers will then need to register to obtain a Login name and Password for their students. To do this, click the Register button on the Home page. You will then need to fill out a form indicating the product you’ve ordered, the invoice/purchase order number, the quantity ordered, and the number of students who will require access to the Web Book; your name and email address; and your school’s name, address, and phone number. Once this form has been submitted, you will receive a Login name and Password for your students.

What is a PDF Book?

A PDF book is online PDF files of the Student Book. You can access a PDF file of the entire book or of a specific unit.

How do I access PDF Books?


Ask your teacher for your Login name/User ID and Password.


If you need access, call 1-800-361-6128 ext 7816.

Access to PDF Books is provided to schools that purchase Math Makes Sense. The access code card for PDF Books looks like this:

Access Cards